KKRUCIAL is a local cosmetic brand based in Jakarta, founded by three creative independent women with different characters and personalities but holding one same vision which is to send a message to all the women out there that being You is the most crucial thing.


Inspired by the intersections of stars in the galaxy, these three women glow their way into the cosmetic planet. Their time and space journey beyond the atmosphere is a worthy experience that they would like to share with all the women across the universe. They believe that women are the massive shining spheres in the galaxy and its time for them to shine!


“We proudly believe that expressing our different personalities is crucial, let this also be your journey to reveal yourself and standout in your own way. This is a masterpiece of our self-expression as to gather all the women across the space, empowering them to glow in their own constellation. So this is KKRUCIAL to us, and to you.”


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